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alcohol rehab centers Miami

Effects Of Alcohol Abuse On Families

 Alcohol abuse within a family is a problem that can destroy a marriage or drive a wedge between members. When a person has a problem with alcohol addiction, the drive to drink becomes the most crucial thing in that person's life, and this does not only affect the alcoholic themselves but also those close to them.

 Having an alcoholic family member interrupts the usual healthy family, creating a host of problems that lead to dysfunction. Family therapy and alcohol rehab centers can help but before we go into that, let's take a look at how alcoholism affects the rest of the family when someone in the family is misusing alcohol.

How Alcoholism Affects The Family

 Alcohol abuse affects the family as a whole and families living with an addict are in unsafe situations, filled with dishonesty, disruptions, and strain on relationships. Below are some of the most common ways alcohol abuse affects the family of an addict.

1.     Instability within the family

 Alcohol addicts are unreliable, leading to other family members to pick up the responsibility when the addict does not care or attend to his or her duties. This problem causes instability and conflict within families, as members are continuously let down.

2.     Financial distress

 Alcoholism can lead to problems at work, which include missed work, job loss and decreased productivity. Addict creates financial burdens that cause families having difficulty in providing basic needs such as healthcare and food for their children or even lose their home.

3.     Conflict within family members

 Alcohol addiction can lead to negativism anger and resentment; causing family members to lash out at one another. Criticism and complaints may become the norm, leaving everyone feeling bad.

4.     Shame and denial

 The entire family will suffer from denial and shame when one member experiences addiction. Families may work hard to cover up the consequences of addiction and develop a system of denial that there is no problem. Feelings of shame may also lead other members to abuse alcohol as a way to cope.

5.     Mistrust, and stealing

 The addict may start to lie and steal once addiction has taken hold to support it alcohol abuse. This behavior creates resentment, mistrust, and turmoil within the family.

Addiction Treatment

 Addiction is known to as a disease, and it will continue to progress until your loved one is ready to admit that they have a problem and ask for help. However, the family of an alcohol addict can begin the recovery process to overcome the adverse effects of alcohol abuse whether their loved one is ready or not.

Alcohol rehab centers are the first step to addiction recovery, and as the disease affects the whole family, it is best if the entire family is involved in the recovery process as well. If an alcoholic is in denial, but the family agrees that he or she needs help, they can work with a professional counselor like Summer House Detox Center to stage an intervention for their loved one. Alcohol rehab centers can help family members move past alcohol abuse.

alcohol rehab centers Miami