Drug Rehab West Palm Beach FL

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Drug Rehab West Palm Beach FL

Many people in Florida have become victims of substance abuse. In fact, millions are dependent on cocaine, heroin, opioids, methamphetamine, or alcohol. Florida is a huge drug market. To counteract this, our rehab facility helps people become and remain sober.

During recovery, a person addicted to drugs or alcohol hopes to free their body from the substances abused. An effective treatment plan should help you cope with withdrawal symptoms, identify, and treat any co-existing health issues. Rehabilitation will help you to sober up mentally, emotionally, and physically. Rehabs also teach you how to live a drug-free, healthy, and productive life once again.

At Daylight Drug Rehab West Palm Beach FL, we offer alcohol and drug treatment services to people with drug or alcohol addiction problems. We understand that all our clients are different, and as such we tailor our services to meet the individual needs of everyone.

How Long Does Rehab Take?

Statistics show a person has a better outcome the longer they remain in treatment. Programs differ in length and can be anywhere from 28-90 days or even more.

That said, there are different factors that determine how long you stay in rehab including a co-occurring disorder.

  • Mental Health Disorder

A rehab program will address any other health issue that might be associated with your addiction. People with mental health problems will stay longer for the issue to be addressed.

What are the Levels of Treatment Offered in Rehab?

Every patient has a different substance abuse history, and thus the care offered in a rehab varies depending on the client’s situation. At Daylight Drug Rehab West Palm Beach FL, we have different levels of care including:

  • Detoxification

Detox is the first step in drug or alcohol addiction treatment. Our facility offers a medically supervised detox program to ensure the dangerous chemicals are safely removed from your system.

  • Residential Treatment Program

This is the next stage after a patient has gone through detoxification and are stable. At this level, you will be in the care of highly-trained nursing staff, assistants, counselors, psychiatrists, and physicians to make sure your needs are met. Actual treatment, therapeutic sessions, support groups, and individual therapy come in at this level.

  • Short-Term Stabilization

At Daylight Detox and Recovery Center, we offer short-term medical stabilization services to people struggling with drug or alcohol addiction. This is where the patients come in for a short period to stabilize their addiction disorder.

Talk to Someone

A crucial step in addiction recovery is talking to someone who will listen to your problems without judging you. It would be best if you spoke to a professional counselor who better help you in your recovery journey. We have friendly qualified, and experienced counselors who are always ready and willing to listen to your addiction story and give you the help that you need.

Getting Help for Drug or Alcohol Addiction

Let us assist you or your loved one with your substance abuse problem. At Daylight Drug Rehab West Palm Beach FL, we offer individualized treatment plans that will help you overcome your addiction.

Talk to us today on (888)708-2602.

Drug Rehab West Palm Beach FL
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