Professional Addiction Interventionists

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If substance addiction affects the life of someone close to you, contact us, at Addiction Care Recovery Services fast! Our professional addiction interventionists will take your case immediately.

How to help an addicted relative or friend?

If someone you know shows signs of substance addiction, call us immediately! Since most victims of addiction have the habit of hiding their problem, you will have no idea how advanced their disorder is. By confronting the victim yourself, you could end up making things worse. You must understand that addiction will leave the victim vulnerable, both physically, mentally, and emotionally.

This makes the situation highly volatile for when it comes to confront the addicted person and bring up the rehab into the discussion. Since we are experts in drug and alcohol intervention, we can guide the intervention process for maximum effects. During the intervention, we will highlight critical aspects like:

  • The rehab is a necessity and a life-saving intervention
  • Addiction is a progressive disease that will worsen with time
  • The victim’s behavior causes harm to their family and friends
  • Life outside addiction is brighter, healthier, and more fulfilling
  • Point out life goals that are worth pursuing
  • Many people care about the wellbeing of the patient, etc.

We want the patient not to feel alone anymore. The rehabilitation process is a life-changing experience, and you must show your love and support towards the victim because it will end up changing their perspective altogether.

How do you prepare for an intervention?

The preparation is usually a detailed process that requires careful planning and information gathering. Our professional addiction interventionists will walk you through several critical stages which include:

Planning – The intervention is a volatile process that may cause negative feelings from the patient, including anger and a sense of betrayal. To avoid such scenarios, our experts will recommend the best approach depending on your case, the patient’s personality, and many other factors.

Gather information – Often, family members have no idea how deep the addiction goes. It’s critical to gather useful information about the patient’s physiological state and determine the severity of the disorder in advance.

Make notes – You must decide what you want to transmit to the victim during the intervention session. Our interventionist will explain what the addict needs to hear from you, along with the strategies that will cause a change of heart and convince them to enter the rehab.

Stage a family intervention today!

If you suspect a relative or a friend struggles with substance addiction, you have no time to waste. The sooner you act, the easier the intervention will be. We advise you to contact us via our hotline immediately and talk to our professional addiction interventionists!

We have a lifetime of experience in dealing with victims of substance addiction, and we know how to approach the situation for optimal results. Addiction Care Recovery Services is a team of specialists that care about your family’s wellbeing. Let’s work together, and we will save your loved one’s life!